Last week Ben had a school holiday, and we traveled over to be with him for a couple of days and take him to his physical therapy session. For several months now Ben has been undergoing physical therapy to help strengthen his left foot and increase its range of motion. Because the original fistula on the left […]

via Physical therapy, a foot brace, and a visit to the fire station — Believing for Ben

Written by Berg

Hey there! I'm Berg and I am a Physical Therapy student at MGH IHP. I developed a passion for life-long learning and self-improvement and enjoy helping other people do the same. I am also a soccer fanatic. In the future I want to contribute to its expansion and popularity in the US. My aim is to create a community where aspiring Physical Therapists push each other to become the best version of themselves. I do this by sharing my experiences, books I read and what I'm implementing. As I add more to my skill set, I will be sure to feed you with more content, just like in the picture. Join me in the quest for self-improvement.


    1. I love his story. I’m in Physical Therapy school and I just shared his story with my classmates who are hoping to go into Pediatric PT. It’s important they know that kids can be inspiring figures. I Hope Ben’s rehabilitation process is going smooth!

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