What if you can become the best version of yourself by making use of the power of the compound effect? What is the compound effect? Let’s make it graphic! You know that friend that made detrimental health choices in the past. Let’s call him Joe. Well, ten years later, Joe just saw you walking down the street. He approaches you and yells out your name in contentment. However, there is a small problem: you cannot reciprocate his joy because you do not recognize him. The person in front of you looks too old to be an acquaintance; his skin is too wrinkly; his front teeth are missing; his gait is too staggered; and what’s with those marks on his arm? Sensing you do not recognize him, Joe proceeds to tell you about that food fight you and him started in junior high. HOLY S#@t, Joe!!!!

That 1440742248270is the compound effect. All the poor habits that Joe had developed, compounded over ten years to make him who he is today. Despite how tragic Joe’s story was, there is a brighter side to it. It is the fact that the compound effect works the same way when it comes to good habits. Now, imagine the person you want to become 5, 10 or 15 years down the line. You picture an influential and successful person, a master at his or her craft. The image is so powerful, that you have a hard time believing it is you. Hold on to that image and start leveraging the power of the compound effect to slowly transform into that person. Start by writing down the habits you intend to develop in order to become the person you just pictured. Then, you want to download a tracking app to make sure you are implementing those new habits. It may sound tedious but it’s the best way to keep yourself on track in order to reach your new and improved version. Your favorite athlete, musician, or any worldwide star you can think of are all benefitting from the compound effect. It’s about time we implement what they do.

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily” John Maxwell


Written by Berg

Hey there! I'm Berg and I am a Physical Therapy student at MGH IHP. I developed a passion for life-long learning and self-improvement and enjoy helping other people do the same. I am also a soccer fanatic. In the future I want to contribute to its expansion and popularity in the US. My aim is to create a community where aspiring Physical Therapists push each other to become the best version of themselves. I do this by sharing my experiences, books I read and what I'm implementing. As I add more to my skill set, I will be sure to feed you with more content, just like in the picture. Join me in the quest for self-improvement.

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