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Matthew Villegas Physical Therapy


In 2006, during my sophomore year as a long distance runner, I raced in a local track meet at Berkeley High School. I was 16 at the time and excited about the opportunities to shatter my personal records (PRs) from my freshman year. This event was seemingly normal save for a few key differences near the end.

Sidetrack for a moment… My mom worked 2 jobs as a single parent. This track meet was one of the few times when she was able to watch me race albeit later in the afternoon with my older sister tagging along.

Back to the story… out of all the events, my favorite one was the 1600 meter race. However, I always felt the pressing need to race the 3200 meter event as well. Part of this was my hard-working nature and urge to leave everything out on the track. Just to put things…

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Written by Berg

Hey there! I'm Berg and I am a Physical Therapy student at MGH IHP. I developed a passion for life-long learning and self-improvement and enjoy helping other people do the same. I am also a soccer fanatic. In the future I want to contribute to its expansion and popularity in the US. My aim is to create a community where aspiring Physical Therapists push each other to become the best version of themselves. I do this by sharing my experiences, books I read and what I'm implementing. As I add more to my skill set, I will be sure to feed you with more content, just like in the picture. Join me in the quest for self-improvement.

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