Marketing Using Videos: Tools Needed

There has been an increased push towards video contents in the past five years. Social media platforms such as Vine, Instagram and Snapchat have undeniably added more changes into the already complex landscape of our culture. Facebook caught up on the trend and started promoting video live streaming last year. With this upward trend of video consumption, future generations will naturally gravitate towards videos, and this behavior will change the way businesses market. Any student interested in the business landscape of Physical Therapy or any businesses for that matter, need to get in the habit of marketing using video content. For those of you looking to start, expensive gadgets are not really necessary. Being a graduate student, money is scarce so I only use my phone and cheap or free applications to create my videos. I encourage you to give the following products a try.


1) Recording application

imagesI started recording with my iPhone camera, but as my creativity increases, I found the camera application a bit limiting. I eventually made a switch to moviePro, which let me configure the resolution of my camera, as well the amount of light exposure. There are plenty of other cool features I can use to embellish my projects, but perhaps the best one is the one that helps me adjust the focus of the camera. It gives me the ability to create the nice blurry background you see in the professional videos.


2) Tripod

c700x420You need one, especially when you get sick and tired of using your books to keep your phone upright. I use the 50’ Acuvar tripod which makes shooting so much less complicated. It also comes with a phone mount which saves me the trouble of buying one separately.


3) Lighting device

USB-Selfie-Flash-LED-Phone-Camera-Photography-RingAs you create more videos, you will notice just how important it is to have great lighting. If you are recording with your phone, you will need a lighting apparatus because the built-in light from your phone will not only drain your battery, but also strain your eyes. I use the PANDOO Selfie Portable Flash LED, which helps me get higher quality videos when only low-light is available. I just clip it on my phone and I start recording. The only drawback is that it is battery operated. Other than that it functions really well, especially for a cheap item.


4) Microphone

mxl-fr355k-640You can get away fine with using the microphone on your mobile device; I still rely on it for some of my videos. There are times however when better quality audio input is necessary. I did a livestream interview on my laptop and I experience quite a bit of difficulty. The output from the speaker interfered with the microphone input and my voice ended up being muted on many occasions. To prevent this from happening again, I purchased a Lavalier microphone. It is very light and came with two batteries. It does not deliver high definition sound but it definitely does the job.


5) Video editing applications


iMovie is by far the best free video editing software I have seen. It has all the basics you need to make a really nice Instagram post or your next viral Youtube video. If you have Android you might want to try PowerDirector video editor. Just like iMovie, it is packed with tons of features such as quick editing tools and special effects. Only difference is that it comes with a collage maker, which can be very useful for Instagram videos. The interface is relatively easy to work with, sometimes better than the cellular iMovie application. I would definitely use PowerDirector consistently if I wasn’t an apple user.


As I mentioned earlier, to start marketing using videos, you only need a phone that can shoot at minimum 720p, a tripod, good audio and great lighting, but perhaps the best thing you need is creativity. I have seen lots of video in high definition that are horrible and great ones in poor quality. How you put together your video clips matter as well. The more you learn and create videos, the more creative you will get. So read upon cinematic techniques, such as the rule of third, zoom shot and appropriate sound effects. As you do, you will develop a true appreciation for the job of a filmmaker.

FYI: I did not get sponsored to promote any of these products.

Written by Berg

Hey there! I'm Berg and I am a Physical Therapy student at MGH IHP. I developed a passion for life-long learning and self-improvement and enjoy helping other people do the same. I am also a soccer fanatic. In the future I want to contribute to its expansion and popularity in the US. My aim is to create a community where aspiring Physical Therapists push each other to become the best version of themselves. I do this by sharing my experiences, books I read and what I'm implementing. As I add more to my skill set, I will be sure to feed you with more content, just like in the picture. Join me in the quest for self-improvement.

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